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Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 7:32 PM
bleh x)

I LOVE XIPA <33333333333333

Wednesday, June 3, 2009, 6:21 PM

Friendship is something we need :D

i really missed those times we had tgt you know
playing audi, eating tgt, screaming tgt :DD
those were the days i remembered very vivdly.
and that it will always be like that. HAHAS
though not in the same class but i still hope that we could
still beat as one.
till here. i shall say my last word.
Good luck in everything .


Thursday, April 9, 2009, 7:42 AM

Yoohooos peeepos =D !
yeahs ; this blog is *ahhem* not really tat updated x.x !
but we have our reasons for tat kaes !
tats all cos of ... HEAVY WORKLOAD !
saddd ehs ! Sec 3 is really tough for us .
though we didnt see it tat way in Sec 2 .
those days tat we will alwaes gather in the canteen ;
eating & sharing watever we have ;
i miss Angie's straightforward speeches ;
Ivy's reasonable arguements
& oso Philene's bimbo-ness=X ! ( kidding!)
The time we spent together are irreplaceable!
we' have developed an unbreakable bond !
LOL! yeahs haaaahs
though we might not be seeing & interacting wib each other
tat often now ;
but we still share the same memories =D ! heeehs
okkaes ; jus to update here!
hope tat XIPA will never end!
A promise ?
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 2:22 AM


Monday, November 10, 2008, 1:23 AM

Hello ppl !
ivy just teleport here =D
seems like i didnt blog tht often now .
kinda miss the days when we all doesnt hav a blog ,
whr me & xinyi will always rush home and snatch the chance to blog for that day.
we are so hyper in the past uh .
Lee xinyi i sibei hate you can /
everytime go out with bmc but not us .
haha jkjk .
next year is really time for us to strive hard !
who knows?
we might get into the same jc or poly .
so jiayous worhs ! lovesloves ~

Sunday, November 2, 2008, 10:50 PM

yo :D
All different class eh ,
-Xinyi ,
Did you appeal ?
If you dint ,
we will still be in th. class dey D:
Im selfish! So ie wish ure appeal fail X:
Bt even if you rly managed tu appeal right ,
Its okay cause ie will also grats yoooooou :D
Nxt year goinqq tu be another tough year ho .
This year although also hard ,
bt at least we gort all our fwens wibb us .
Hahs ,
so managed tu struggle through O.o!
This year die liaos lohs .
Sec 3 is soo tough dey ,
So fast sec 3 liaos ,
Ltr confirm vry fast O'lvls one lohs .
Hais ,
dunt think so much lohs .
So much headache .
Evryone keep in touch kays <3

Loves ,

Thursday, October 23, 2008, 2:41 AM

YO =D !
Hais it has been 2 years manzxz !
Everyone will be going separate ways next year !
I am really gonna miss the 2E1-ERS & oso XIPA !
though we might have conflicts misunderstandings among us ;
but we still managed to overcome it .
2 years of friendship ; from stranger to friends ; from friends to besties
but lets not turn from besties to strangers kaes ?
lets still keep in touch alright ? =D
we can still confront each other during recess time ehs ?
hahahas ! lets gather around the tables & gossip lky wat we did for the past
2 years !
I hate having to part x/33 !
But I believe tat we can still be together in sec 4 !
so ;. Gambateh peeps ! Cyas in the same sec 4 class once again =D
We will be rooting for one another ! gogogo !


Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 6:19 AM


Wahahahas ,
Im back! :DDD
Miss me ALOTALOTALOT right ? X:
Heh X:
So lng nvr post luhs ho .
Mye audi lvl 23 lohs! <3
Tudae kena PTM -.-
Ie still thot wunt kena lah!
Waste mye tyme nias lohs mr teo .__.
Ms neo also say by right ie no need go ,
Dhen th. stupid mr teo say ie must go ,
WHAT THE ! ****
Nw our class lyke crazy bout cards lohs .
Ie also bought cards .
Dhen went cp 2nd floor dere ply wibb fwens .
Ply murderer & detective ,
so addictive! :D
Hahahas .
Okay , ie go msn luhs!


Take Care , byebye <3

Saturday, October 11, 2008, 8:55 AM

LOL ! ps getting too high over here lurhs
at this point in time ; angie sure say " xinyi ; control yi xia pls "
hahahas !
this year is coming to an end soon lurhs !
& oso deciding our fates
They bring a smile to my days in skool !
hahahas ! XIPA-RIANS ! shall have an outing ehs ?
to celebrate Philene cum Angie's birthday alright ?
lets anticipate this day & have lots of fun !!


sleep earlier peeps ! esp ivy =D hahahs .
dun let ur eye bag get any worser ! x33`
kaes ; miss ya ! ^^


Monday, September 22, 2008, 12:57 AM

OMG OMG ! EOY is coming ...
XIPA jia yous <#333
anw i sososo gonna chg de skin ...
bud urgh tis fck comp cant open de codes ... =.=
nbm i will do it one day or someone else do it ?!
I saw ivy tay raising her hand t volunteer !
Xinyi oso snatching t volunteer ...
okay GREAT !








Congrats t0 :














Ivy Tay Cheng Feng !
great uu shall be de one changing de skin & mayb xinyi do de editing bahx?

iLOVE XIPA <#33 !

Monday, September 1, 2008, 4:50 AM

~ Ivy ,
~Angie ,
~Xinyi ,
Ie noe .
ie noe what ue trying tu say
Bt its lyke habe ure ever thot that if ure gimme a lil lil lil trust & believe dhat ure wil actuallycare for me if ie habbe actually told ure mye troubles & sorrows ?
Okay ,
maybe ie was also wrong ,
recently ie broke up dhen aft n lvls hes going away luh .
Dhats whye ie seems MOODLESS all these while .
Bt it is also nort fully cause of relationship getting me nowhere .
Its also dhat once , ie thot dhat XIPA was just a name tu me .
Ie unds shat if ie choose nort tu tell ure anything ,
ure wont noe .
Nah , 1yr friendship dont break away so easily .
It jus fade a lil when things dont seems right .
Example ,
although briana is nort th. sme class as me ,
she cn still be mye confidant ,
sumone dhat ie cn trust ,
sumone dhat is really ALWAYS dere when ie habe troubles .
We're sme class ,
Tu everyone , we shl be very very close tu each other .
When wibb XIPA , ie kinda feel a lil lil left out .
Perhaps ure dint know it ,
maybe ie dint show it ,
probably ie dint seems tu mind ,
bt ie MINDED it in fact .
Yeps ,
ie dint wna say it ,
cause ie noe it is nort going tu hlp in any way ,
in fact make things worse ?
Ie noe everyone trying tu chg ,
Me too really .
Ie tried nort to suan ure already .
Surely ure notice it ?
Whenever ure suan ,
ie would try tu just smile bt wont say anything .
Angie , ie noe ure trying already .
Rmb ytd at audi ?
Ue asked me if ie get over it already nort .
Yeps ie already get over it luh .
Nort angry anymore .
Just dhat lyke ue said ,
dare nort t0k tu each other .
Ie duntwish tu drift away too .
Bt ie jus feel , ........
idk , bt gort a feeling dhat we're nort lyke bef already .
` #Things just seems so different .
Shoulnt use th. word tolerated ,
shl say dhat ie give in tu ue .. :D
Ie chose tu give in tu ue cause ie noe ure maybe are just jokinq .
Once , twice , thrice --> Its okay .
Bt when it happen too many tymes ,
Things tend tu get out of hand ..

P.S : No matter what , we 4 will still be XIPA forever <3

Friday, August 29, 2008, 5:34 AM

XIPA is a clique dhat is formed by four FANTASTIC girls ...
we bonded tgt since 180207
we shared mani times tgt
matter sweet nor sour ....
be it me or uu ; i reali treasure de times we had tgt

times passed , we gradually drifted further && further away ...
till t a extent where even i didn't noe i was losing you
perhaps uu was hurt by my comments t uu
bud uu didn't show ; afraid it will upset my feelings
i understand tis kind of feelings ...
hurt yet unable t voice it out t a truthful pal
i dun deny dat we or me r neglecting uu
& yet we didn't bother ...
its our fault ;

when you r down ; uu dun show
so we dunnoe
thus resulting in such state
so uu turned t sherylyn ; a fren uu tink can trust
uu tell her everything ; everything dat concerns uu
be it trival or important
cus deep down in uu ; uu believe dat she is always tere 4 uu
uu choose nt t tell us ; we dun blame uu
everyone has its own secret
we can see ; from some small actions
lyk uu suddenly crying fer nth
till dan we realise uu're hurt
dan we showed wad frens r fer ; by asking uu
uu didn't tell us ; saying is nth
nt wantin t tell us
believeing dat if told wad can we do ...
so uu choose t keep it all t yrself
&& perhaps shared wif sherylyn ...

i dun blame you
bud sometimes when uu needed a fren
uu said dat xipa is nt tere ; uu nv tell us anything
nt wanting t tell us anything
god noe[s] uu needed us
YES ; frens shld care fer one another
& be tere when uu r down
bud uu're simply keeping everything t yrself
nt wantin t show a single trace of anything uu r keeping
hw would I ; Xinyi ; Ivy noe[s] ?
i noe we shld use our 'fren sense' t sense it
bud uu're jus keeping sosososo deep into yr heart ...
even us cant see it
though hurt ; uu act as though uu're perfectly fine
goin t sch ; eatin at de canteen ; studying
we cant see wif our eyes ...
dat actually deepdeepdeep down in yr heart uu're bleeding ...

i noe uu dun lyk ppl suan-ing uu
bud uu shld say it out
so dat we , XIPA or others can noe
or even we helping uu t stop others form suan-ing uu
i noe uu're damn dulan wif wad i said
&& de fact dat uu had tolerated it fer veryvery long
till a extent when uu can't take it
& choose t leave
i dun admit dat i enjoy making fun of uu
& dat i did nt spare a thought for yr feelings
bud dats wad i thought bonded us even closer
... bud i was wrong
de more i said de more deeper uu're hurt
dun deny dat i have a hard-core character in me
dat is being OVERLY straight forward ...
if dats a chance i reali wish i can keep those comments t myself
or jus blah in front of ivy or xinyi ...
bud wad is done is done ; can't be undone
wad i said is said ; so i hope uu would forgive me
& nt take it t heart wad i say
next time if i do it again ; sure tio meh by xinyi or ivy de
hereby ; i reali wanted t say im sorry fer wad i hv done
& hope dat xipa, a ONE-year ++ [still counitng] frenship
would end wif a full-stop
& a rather bad full-stop ; i dun wish t cus of me xipa
would hv t go on sepearate ways ....

i reali treasure de frenship we once have ....
hanging out tgt though is onli ONE time
bud it was memorable
i would try my best t change or lessen a bit
of my hard-core habit
hope dat tis will do of some help
or else it will be too late ....

Hard-core convict ; Angie

Thursday, August 28, 2008, 2:59 AM

We are drifting further & further away from one another lurhs .
Perhaps euu might be happy & comfortable wib her now ;
but reminiscing bak ; we used to share memorable memories
together too right ?
rmb the first XIPA outing ; to Punggol Park .
It was really a meaningful day spent !
We've come so far from the first time we have met from strangers
to besties . 1 year + !
To tink tat a friendship tat lasted for 1 year+ could be so fragile .
yes ; its partly our fault .
Not caring abt ur feelings ; hurting euu times & times .
But those were really meant for jokes .
This is the way tat XIPA is ; joking & suan-ing each other
though we really didnt meant wat we say .
Perhaps to euu ; wat we've said have hurt euu deep ; we apologised .
apologise for not being sensitive to take care of ur feelings .
If given a chance ; we would oso wished to be a bit more sensitive .
But we were born this way ; insensitive x.x
Friends should learn to tolerate their bad points & changing
it to the good points .
Since we were so insensitive ppl ; we would feel a bit lesser dan wat
euu felt ; so we didnt really notice it .
But we were oso sad to learn tat Sherlyn actually
understand euu dan we do ..
we've tried to understand euu ; by asking euu wat happen all these
but yet euu refused to ans ; so wat can we do ?
So we didnt question euu anymore further
lest euu felt we are annoying .
In XIPA ; we really cherished each and single one of euu ;
as we felt tat euu are a part of us .
Sorry tat in our action ; we didnt showed our love towards euu ;
and hence ; it gradually became a reason of drifting away
among us .
Angie have change for the better lurhs ;
rmb the very first time we saw her ;
she was a suan ren queen =X LOL ~
but now ; at least she have refrain from suan-ing so much lurhs .
we could see the effort of her changes .
Ppl do change ; and it needs time .
Since Angie is alr willing to change ; i believe tat she won't
commit the same mistake again lurhs .
I believe tat she noes hw to cherish & treasure her precious
friends now .
XIPA x33 `
always bonded together no matter wat =D !

take care =D !
muaks ; i ♥ XIPA !


Wednesday, August 27, 2008, 5:22 AM

Ie am so fuck up by the things happening recently _l_
Wangying told us you said dat we didnt care for you when you need friends .
but did you tell us your XINSHI and your secrets anot ?
you only say to sherlyn laa .
to you perhap you have your own reasons .
maybe you think dat we will spread your secrets .
Ie can only say that we have became more mature to understand the impt of keeping secrets .
and it depends on whether ppl can give us a chance to show it .
and many ppl said that if we are really friends ,
we should have sense dao your xinshi .
you ppl use say de of cos easy la .
only know how to say nia .
its not easy to know a person xinshi if they dun intend to tell you at all .
even if sense dao her acting weird , if she dun want to tell , you oso cant do anything to help her right .
point a knife at her and force her mehhs ??
how could we have a chance to sense it when you always hang out with sherlyn sia .
its really difficult for us to know you are hurting inside when you dun even open your heart to us and tell us .
and we will listen and try to help you .
you ask urself ,
last time when we tried to ask you abt you and ts out of concern .
wad will you do ?
sure is dun wan say or find excuses not to tell us .
and if we probe any further you might find us annoying or kpo .
ie admit ie sense you being emo sometimes .
nt ie not care abt you , but if ie go ask you , will you say anot ?

You said dat we didnt treasure you .
but did you even treat us as real friends in the first place ?
when you have prob in relationship ,
you expect us to use our sixth sense and find out arhs .
and we not even the first few to know who you stead or brk with .
is that your idea of friends .

Ie know you dun like angie character of being straight forward .
but she has already changed alot now .
at least she is trying her best to stop suaning ppl .
but its her personality which has lasted for years .
its not easy changing it , but she have did it for you .
but did you even care or see the differences in her ??
and her being direct at least proves dat she is nt as hypocrite as papaya right .
acting kind, trust mye , she didnt change at all .
why did you choose to be with a hypocrite instead of a truthful frens .

if we dun treasure you ,
we wont spend so much time and effort trying to get you back ,
angie wont bother to change ,
ie wont bother to make this post ,
ie wont even care to call you and tell you py seen * at rm ,
and spend hours gibbing you ideas on wad to do .
and wont even lose our cool when we saw you passing notes with crystal .
but wad did we get in the end .
having you hating and dao ing us .

ie am not pushing all the blames to you only .
its our fault for being selfish and insensitive at times .
and we didnt take you seriously whenever you are emo .
and there is still a million mistake we did without sensing it .
but is our friendship which last for almost 2 years so fragile it can be given up so easily ?

We have accepted dat you and sherlyn is now besties and we didnt say a single word abt her .
but can you just at least try to drifting away .
if you really got anything bu shuang can just tell us .
ie promise at least ie will try my best to help .
lets hope it is not too late .

&& we didnt open your pencil box . we dun mean to be eavedropping but you say too loud .
we dun even know thr is a note inside .

Saturday, August 23, 2008, 5:32 AM

here to bo liao a while =X
LOL x.x ! bored manzxz x.x
and XIPA blog shall be revived by mie this moment !
wakakas =/
sounds lky i am zi high-ing lor ~.~
bo bian cos nth for mie to post lehhhhh !!!
okkaes shall post something abt friday bahx ?
Mr.Teo brought the whole class out of the class to took some pics .
wooos first time manzxz !
Mr.Teo ; not bad not bad ! i clap for euu ! *claps*
hahahas . okkaes lurhs .
but seriously ; Mr.Teo has change for the better compared to the past o.0 !
so its worth encouraging hohoho !
Mr.Teo said some words abt parting / separation of the class next year .
aww.. sounds sad manzxz T.T !
though we might quarrel in this class ; but afterall ; we are still a class for 2 years !
I'll miss 2E1 manzxz !!
I LOVE 2E1 & XIPA ; MUAKS x33` !


Thursday, August 14, 2008, 2:38 AM
Saved !


Jia yous fer tomorrow Science test uh !!
dun fail kkaes !
mus help pull up our class MSG !!
dun bimbo / idiot / lag on dat day kkaes !
hope i get full marks lorh...
kekekekes ^^.^^
&& dun keep saying xipa blog is DEAD
anw thanks yanhong !!
fer saying our blog nice skin && song
gt taste gt taste !!


Saturday, August 9, 2008, 5:29 AM

Ie be bloqq saver baaas .
Hahs .
D0nt ask me whye wn post bloqq suddenly nah .
Jus wns tu save th. bloqq .
Lol .
Our day at yio chu kanqq stadium was quite fun actuallly .
Bt ie habe sore throat si0ls .. TT
Very pain nw ..
Btw , xy , nice run :D
If ie were tu run it would be gg alrdy ..
Henq ie dint run yahs ?
Hahs ....
Martin was so power !
He pulled th. gap so far si0ls .
Th. onie tink 2e1 cn be proud of is onie th. 8x100 relay race liaos luh .
Th. rest d0nt say beta .
& ANGIE , dont too sad lahs kays ?
Also over luh maas ,
pple wont blame ue luh nah ,
so jus cheerups kay ? (:
Ive already linked ue all .
Suudenly very gudd h0rhs ?
Hahs , end here .....

Take Cares all <3 ,
Byebye :D ...

Saturday, August 2, 2008, 5:37 AM

HEY PPL (= !


Sunday, July 27, 2008, 5:46 AM


LOL ! yes being lame here .
cos someone hor claimed that our blog is dead & well yes quite dead =/
soooo here am I to update a while lor
to make the post alive again ! hahahas !
shall not continue further ; if not later the atmosphere (cold) leng diao =X
cos too lame liao !
tatas ~
sweet dreams all & get rdy for skool tmr ! cyas !

♥ XIPA-xinyi =D


Saturday, July 19, 2008, 10:36 AM

found this in the web .
Ie agree its kind of pervertic ,
but ie find it interestimg.

*//Hi, Im a sexbomb-please defuse me!
*//I am no Fred Flintstone but I can still make your bedrock!
*//Hi! You must be very tired, coz you've been running through my mind all night
*//You know something, photography is like love, best developed in the dark.
*//Excuse me, I'm a little short on cash, would you mind if we shared a cab home
*//Hey, my shoes are having a party, would your dress like to come down and join them?
*//There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can't take them off you.
*//Hi, I'm Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me.
*//Is that a mirror in your pocket?? Cause i can see myself in your pants!
*//Thats a really nice shirt.. it looks great on you.. but it would look even better on my floor!
*//*looking at shirt label* Sorry.. just checking to see if it says Made in Heaven
*//About how drunk do you think I'd need to get you, for you to come home with me?
*//Are those space pants? Cause yer ASS is outta this world!!
*//Excuse me, do you mind if I stare at you for a minute? I want to remember your face for my dreams.
*//There's a gap in your life! Mind if I fill it?
*//"Hey baby, if you and i were squirels, could i bust a nut in your hole?"
*//Hi, I'm doing a survey for...What's your name?What's your phone number?Are you free next Saturday?
*//If your left leg was easter and your right leg was christmas, Could I visit you between the holidays?
*//It's a good thing I've got a porsche, Cause you've got some Dangerous curves!
*//Did you know that the scientific term for you is Beautimus Maximus?
*//Are you wearing lipstick, and do you mind if I taste it?
*//You have 236 bones in your body, Want one more?
*//I lost my teddy bear, Can I sleep with you instead?
*//Do you believe in love at first sight or shall I walk past again?
researched by ♥/ivy .

Friday, July 18, 2008, 6:00 AM

YOOO !!~
woohooooos hahahahas !
i love XIPA blog manzxz ! muaks x33`
okkaes i mean to us =/
hmm spend abt hrs at angie hse wib ivy editing this blog.
oh my tian lor =O ! we did a lot of lky editing of pics and blah blah .
finally this is the result we get !
weeees ; at least its satisfactory to us lurhs =D!
okkaes tats all for todae !
tatas ; takkariies x33`

With loves ;

5:45 AM

Hello=) ♥/ivy here
Went school with DANNY ONG today .
he keep disiao mye la , dat :@)
have to skip wushu today because of my leg .
ie like wushu so much de lo ,
all because of dat danny ong la ,
run dao so fast den expect mye to run with hym .
if got scar sure want hym fu zhe !
sit with crystal today at wushu .

To crystal : thks for your hairpin :D
To wangying : control your temper next time please , ie dun want you suspend kays?

Have to chiong my sci project with xy during history .
keep call jet help mye write and draw ,
cos his handwriting and art is so damn good la .
But ie wrote everything myself in the end lo ,
dun really want disturb hym while he study .
Hais totally didnt listen to wad mr lim have said .
wahlao first time didnt pay attention to his class this year .
his lesson kinda interesting de .
skip recess for my science too .
ahaha thks angie worhs ,
pei mye & xy get locked up in the classrm .
Have to lent calculator from so many ppl today .
So sorry la , belle , val , jet ,wunjoo and jonathan~
Ie know ie habe to interupt you'all while you'all did your math halfway .
Ie will bring the calculator next time for sure de .
After school went to angie house for the blogskin .
Wahseh angie editing rawk sia .
But the idea come from mye lehs .
Its about 7.5/10 of wad ie actually want the blog to be .
but it is very nice le .
hahas ie know ie am fussy ,
keep make angie pekcek .
And the song is contributed by xy .
this song rawks too :D

Btw we have patch .
just notice many ppl dunno yet .

Tuesday, July 15, 2008, 12:15 AM

currently at keming house with xinyi .
today at quadrangle philene hair caught by mr muru .
suey la, her pigtail always tio caught de.
at english class mye and jonathan was punished by ms neo .
cos we were toking to each other .

TO EVERYONE: is he tok to mye , stop blaming mye for toking to hym. *innocent face*

Btw gonna thks JET and GUOYING for helping mye do my dnt homework .
THANK YOU !! ifnot becos of you , my dnt surre zero marks le.
Wahs JET art is perfect de lo , his drawing is damn damn niice ,
stay in pei hwa for wad,
go art school la . dun waste your talent .
JET so good lo, ie was struggling with the drawing den he suddenly tok to mye
say ie draw until liddat and snatch my paper to help mye draw .
turn gentleman le worhs .

and GUOYING , ie thot you will anyhow draw an eraser or scissor ,
but you drew a chair for mye ,
somemore so beautiful. SO GANDONG LA ..

Went home with xinyi and keming today , saw philene later at lrt .
went to find jon , bennett, martin , qintian , yusuff , syubli , raewin.
LMAO qintian spoilt martin bag !!

dats all for today .

ivy here ..

Friday, June 20, 2008, 1:27 AM

t0day go out with ivy , my sis and jolene.
we went to superbowl play bowling .
=.= den saw ryan and he keep arm chio .
we spend about 50dollars overall on bowling .
damn fun lo cos we keep strike ,
hahas beginner luck :D
we need rent shoes from them ,
den we put all our shoes to the side .
but after playing ivy shoes went missing .
dunno who so lame go steal , dat shoes so cheap lo .
ivy damn kan jiong cos she no shoe to wear .
dan de ppl beside 0ur lane veri engr0ssed in playing
dan ivy jus t00k 0ne pair 0f sh0e fr0m them & ran away
s0 exciting lah...
bud i felt abit guility l0..
after dat we mrt-ed bak t0 c0mpass & saw yi tia0 l0ng wif al0t ang m0...
he say hell0 t0 us and keep smilin..
L0L philene dun jeal0us :)
dan we went t0 starbucks t0 hv lunch..
i b0ught m0cha & ivy b0ught latte while my sis g0 meet her fren , zhangmi
bud t00 bad j0lene nid g0 h0me early...
huh ! s0 sad..
we decided t0 fin 0ur drink tere
suddenly a waiter c0me t0 0ur table & gave us a piece 0f tiramisu..
which was lyk s0 x..
dan she t0ld us is a guy fr0m 0ther table hu treat us de...
we dan saw de guy ; dan he smile t0 us
sia0 uh...waste $$ bud dan t0 us is F0C !
i and ivy shared de cake dan faster za0..
s0 ps lurh fin de cake in fr0nt 0f him dan run
bef0re we exit..
de guy came t0 ask fer n0.
dan we gave him j0lene's n0.
after awhile j0lene call us & ask y we gave de guy her n0.
dan i and ivy keep laughing.. c0s dat guy keep pester j0lene
and wanted t0 ask her 0ut fer date...HAHAHAHAAHS
we dan g0 find my sis and her fren...
dan ivy came t0 my hse t0 watch h0rr0r m0vie...
eh ivy next time we g0 0ut again h0rh ?!
veri fun l0rh !! next time i call my fren g0 0s0...
0h ya philene care t0 tag al0ng 0s0 mah ?!
tink w0uld hv m0re fun wif uu ar0und !!
if next time uu dun g0 we SURE G0 YR HSE KIDNAP UU !!
uu s0 imp0rtant t0 us de lurh...
i l0ve all 0f y0u <333333

Tuesday, June 10, 2008, 4:54 AM

Heys everyone.
G0rt miss mie rite ?
Im here tu save th. bl0q.
Recently n0 tyme tu spare.
All mye energy on auditi0n x:
Im lvl 20 luh.
SHI0K arhs.
Btw , XIPA outing hw ?
Hais b0red luh.
G0ing z00 ? Um .. A lil ..
Yeahs ue all n0e wat ie mean.
Wat b0ut bunk ? Hehe.
IE WN G000000 !
Sh0rt p0st.
Many tinks tu settle.

P.S : AhMenq died last year . N0 p0int g0ing tu th. z00. L0LS. SERI0US.

<33333333 XIPA.
Take Care all ~ Philene ;D